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This is the first update in response to your suggestions for highway measures to improve social distancing, pedestrian and cyclist safety. As of early this week, we had received over 6,000 visitors with 3,777 individual suggestions and comments having been made, nearly 2,000 free text comments and over 10,000 agreements registered. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions and comments.

Of the individual suggestions and comments:

  • 721 are about traffic volume
  • 628 about traffic speeds
  • 604 about there not being enough space for social distancing
  • 510 about bad driving
  • 260 about there not being a safe place to cross the road
  • Improvements suggested:

  • 535 wanted more space for cycling
  • 495 wanted the street shut to drivers
  • 462 wanted the pavements widened
  • 441 wanted traffic slowed down
  • 236 wanted the speed limit reduced
  • We had already set up some initial social distancing measures on various roads across Southwark, including Rye Lane, East Street and Walworth Road, and were closely monitoring other major shopping areas to determine if similar measures were required. However, starting from next week we will be implementing a number of experimental schemes across Southwark to further enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety. Details of all the schemes can be found here .

    We have been working closely with Transport for London (TfL) on a number of measures such as the footway widening on Borough High Street and St Thomas Street by Guys Hospital.

    Following on from the shops starting to re-open, and the schools going back in numbers, we have also devised a large number of schemes that will help maintain the required separation distance. These schemes will be implemented imminently. The schemes vary considerably in scope and extent, from simply removing parking and widening footways, to full road closures. Rye Lane will be closed from 6 July to allow more space for social distancing for shoppers, cyclists and pedestrians, and to ensure the works around Peckham Rye station can be carried out safely at the same time.

    As to how we have used your suggestions:

  • 282 people reported issues on TfL roads (such as Old Kent Road), all of which have been passed on to TfL, albeit we are working closely with TfL at the junctions with borough maintained roads
  • 102 people reported issues that were being dealt with via the above experimental scheme process
  • 71 people’s suggestions have been taken up as discreet social distancing measures
  • 64 people’s suggestions have been taken up as part of the next round of experimental schemes
  • We have just received news from TfL of successful funding bids which will allow us to take forward various other schemes identified by your suggestions.

    The intention is that this site will be updated regularly with the latest news on our highway schemes, and any other useful information.

    If you should have any queries on the above, please email

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed and would confirm that all suggestions will be given due consideration and implemented wherever practicable.

    Best wishes.

    Dale Foden

    Head of Highways

    Environment and Leisure - Highways Division

    London Borough of Southwark

    Posted on 26th June 2020

    by Jonathan Hamston