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Covid-19 Highways measures across Southwark

Thousands of local people have so far offered their ideas on ways to make streets in Southwark safer and healthier as we come out of lockdown. Some of the most requested changes were for measures to reduce motor traffic in Dulwich, Walworth and Peckham. These suggestions have clear local support, given the many conversations that we’d had with people in these areas already.

We are happy to announce that permeable closures (closures using planters that block motor vehicles but allow pedestrians and bicycles through) have been set up in Dulwich Village, on the junctions with Court Lane and Calton Avenue. This will allow safe and healthy routes through this area for the thousands of pedestrians and cyclists who use it every day, including students accessing the many local schools.

Melbourne Grove is another residential road that has received large volumes of through traffic in recent years. We have installed a permeable closure south of the junction with Tell Grove, making it a much safer and healthier route for pedestrians and cyclists.

In Walworth, we are installing permeable closures across several residential roads either side of Walworth Road, with a view to enabling the majority of non-motorists to enjoy quieter and safer routes in their neighbourhood.

In Peckham, we have temporarily closed Rye Lane to motor traffic to allow more space for social distancing for shoppers, cyclists and pedestrians.

We will be monitoring traffic levels, as well as the numbers of pedestrians and cyclists using the new routes – but local people are best placed to tell us how things are working. For this we have set up maps for each scheme, where you can tell us about the impacts on the streets that you use and know well.

Dulwich Village

Melbourne Grove



These pages allow you to give detailed street-by-street feedback, and there will be further opportunities for feedback before any decision is made on whether to make these scheme permanent.

These are just the first of many schemes across the borough, all aiming to make travel safer and more sustainable as lockdown comes to an end. If you have suggestions for schemes in other areas, the Southwark map remains open for comments.

Posted on 9th July 2020

by Jonathan Hamston